Buyer Beware!

Yesterday was the last day you could have made your RRSP contribution to offset your 2013 income. So… how many of you went and bought some mutual funds? With this in mind, I watched a great episode on CBC’s Marketplace called “Show Me The Money” where they went undercover to test financial advisers at the […]

Case Study #2 – December update

A lot has happened in the past 6 months, hey? Their portfolio has changed slightly as we decided to add a preferred ETF into their portfolio and reduce their bond allocation. 2013 Investment Goals Max out TFSA contribution – $5,500. Completed! Any remaining money will go into RRSP – $34,750  2014 Investment Goals Max out […]

Portfolio Update – December 2013

What a year for the stock market! I ended off the year with a return around 14% for my portfolio, but was not fully invested until December as I was trying to time the market. As a result, unfortunately, a good chunk of my portfolio didn’t see the gains that the year brought. I know […]

2014 Financial To-Do List

Seriously, has it really been 4 months since I last posted?? My life has been a blur, and I am reminded of how easy it is to fall into routine. Work has been going well, and I am finding that I am reluctant to take vacation time because I don’t want to miss anything! So […]

August Spending Plan Results

Where did the summer go?? We just finished off ultimate last night and even though we won our first game, we lost our second game to place 6th in Div A which isn’t too bad. Corporate challenge is gearing up the next few weekends, and my company ultimate team is defending champs so lots of […]

Case Study #3 – July update

With 12% cash remaining after my purchases at the end of June, I was watching the markets all month to add to their position, but it kept going up!! I also knew that they were planning on making some more contributions before the year is out, so I just finally purchased what they were short […]

Portfolio Update – July 2013

Man, has it been that long since I’ve done a portfolio update? Since I’m not too active on my own portfolio, once a quarter may make sense. We will see! July ended up being quite a good month for most markets, so the increase in the portfolio is always nice to see. I always have […]

July Spending Plan Results

How is it possibly August already??? July was a blur with the Stampede and… work? Ultimate started up again, and although we won our Spring division, we were seeded higher this season and got mercied (when you lose to a team by 8 points) by the 2nd half, which hasn’t happened in a couple of […]