Net worth update – December 2011

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas break! I have to apologize for not writing for almost a week; tis the season! As the year is wrapping up and I am doing my year-end analysis, I decided to do a quick post on my net worth as it has been an interesting year for me. […]

Merry Christmas!

It’s been just about a month and the response to the blog has been overwhelming! Thank you everyone for reading and supporting me. Thanks for all your patience when I start talking about personal finance. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas! Happy Holidays!

Case Study 1: Introduction to Edward and Bella

Yes, Bella and Edward Cullen. Yes, I read and watched Twilight. I have to admit that I am somewhat embarrassed (sometimes) about admitting that. But if I’m telling people to face their financial reality, the least I can do is admit that I enjoy Twilight. Yes, I know this may be enough for some of […]

Gassy Radical Robots Should Poo (GRRSP)

Yes, its late. I’m not that creative when I’m fully awake. Writing after midnight could prove disastrous. So moving beyond pooing robots, Group Registered Retirement Savings Plans (GRRSP) are sponsored by employers. They are similar to RRSPs, but are administered by the employer. The great thing about these plans is that the contributions are made […]

Tonight’s Smackdown: RRSP vs TFSA

When I ask people what they are invested in, I generally get two answers: a little bit of everything, or RRSPs. A little bit of everything seems to be a catch all and is a little discerning because it indicates that they’re not entirely sure, and/or that they lack specific investment goals. And RRSPs are […]

Life As We Know It

This story came to me from a reader and a good friend. My journey into debt hell, and the long climb out of it This story may hit close to home to some readers; others will read this, shake their heads and say “how can someone be so stupid!” but it is one worth writing […]

Cheat for Level 6: Life Insurance

Who needs life insurance? I’m single with no dependants. No one is depending on the paycheque that I may or not be bringing in each month. If I was hit by a bus tomorrow, I will not be a financial burden to anyone. There is absolutely NO NEED for me to have life insurance at […]

Credit Cards: The Biggest Baddest Boss of them all

Don’t get me wrong. I <3 my MBNA Credit Card. But I use it as a free short-term loan. That’s it. I never carry a balance as it is always paid off every month. ALWAYS. No exceptions. To be fair, if everyone used credit cards the way I do, credit card companies would cease to […]