2012 Personal Resolutions – June update

Ever look outside and wonder “when in the world did all that green come in?” Exercise more! Goal is twice a week and can include anything from walking for 30 minutes or more to yoga classes or swimming. May was good for workouts! I hit the gym about 8 times, got a couple ultimate games […]

Norbert’s Gambit

Even when I was in an office job, I usually booked my birthday off. Now that I’m not working, why would I change that? So that’s why this post is a little late this week. By now, you must know that I’m pretty careful with what I spend my money on, and it is a […]

Case Study #2

With Case Study #1 wrapping up earlier this month, I’m excited to introduce our Case Study #2. They are single, young (around my age… yes, I still consider myself young… and yes, I can hear my siblings snickering from over here!  :P) and wanted some help with their investment plan. Their investment background includes purchasing […]

XRE – iShares S&P/TSX Capped REIT Index Fund

As promised earlier this month, this post will focus on XRE. I seldom make promises, as I find it pretty stressful to actually keep them! This Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) was introduced October 17, 2002, and seeks to replicate the performance of the S&P/TSX Capped REIT Index. What is a REIT? I have mentioned REITs […]

Case Study 1: May 2012 Update

We first met our case study about five months ago; how time flies! You can compare this to the last update in March. The following net worth summary is based on information that was accessible at our last meeting. You will notice that some numbers are unchanged as new information was not yet available. May […]

Portfolio Update – April 2012

Since the stock market was oh so tempting in April, I withdrew some of my money from my savings, invested it into my non-registered account, and purchased some XIC at the lowest price I’ve ever owned (woot woot for dollar cost averaging!) Unfortunately, it has dropped even more! Ah well. So this is what my […]

Net worth update – April 2012

I know there are a lot of bloggers out there who post their actual net worth values and I enjoy following their progress. I will continue to post just percentages for now but this may change in the future. Assets: -          Cash – 0.55% of assets (+0.15%) -          Savings – 16.76% of assets (-2.92%) -          […]

Income – April 2012 Update

This month was better than last month with respect to active income. Definitely not in regards to my passive income, though. So my income for April was as follows (rounded to the nearest $10): Active income: $800 Interest income from my savings: $50 Cash back from my MBNA credit card: $50 Dividend income from my […]