CLF – iShares 1-5 Year Laddered Government Bond Index Fund

CLF seeks to replicate the performance of the DEX 1-5 Year Government Bond Index. It was introduced on January 31, 2008, and holds bonds that are issued domestically in Canada. It holds bonds that have maturity levels ranging from 1-5 years, with the focus of staggering/laddering the holdings’ maturity levels. What is in this ETF? […]

Thank you!

It has been exactly 8 months, TO THE DAY, since I published my first post on November 24, 2011. I talked about starting up a personal finance blog all year, but it was only when I made a bet with one of my friends did I actually get off my a** and did something about […]

Norbert’s Gambit – RBC Direct Investing

So it has been almost 2 months later (since I first posted about this method) that I can finally report back that this will work with RBC Direct Investing. After a dozen emails back and forward and a couple of phone calls, I was finally able to get someone to confirm that it will work […]

Net worth update – June 2012

I know there are a lot of bloggers out there who post their actual net worth values and I enjoy following their progress. I will continue to post just percentages for now but this may change in the future. Assets: -          Cash – 0.68% of assets (-17.90%) -          Savings – 17.17% of assets (+1.42%) -          […]

Income – June 2012 Update

It was a decent month for income for me! I definitely enjoyed the dividends as the second quarter wrapped up. I know it’s a bit late in the month, but every quarter, I have to wait for one of my statements to come in the mail. Some might find this inconvenient, but I find it […]

Case Study #2 – July update

So this update with Case Study #2 is mid July-ish. Close enough. Anyone experience any trouble with the rolling blackouts Calgary had last week? 2012 Investment Goals Max out remaining TFSA room – $14,500 (YTD – $10,500) Any remaining money will go into RRSP (YTD – $3,000) As discussed in the previous update, I was […]

Portfolio Update – June 2012

After some thought, I decided to hold on to my bonds and did not make any moves in June. So this is what my investment portfolio currently looks like: TFSA – Stocks (CRS, SLF), ETFs (VTI, XSB) RRSP – ETFs (XBB, XSP, XIN, VEU, VTI) Non-registered investment account – ETFs (XIC) My target allocation is: […]

July 2012 Spending Plan

The following is my combined (expected) household expenses for July. Fixed Expenses Cable/TV          40 Phone          65 Rent     1,150 Gas        150 Utilities            – Total Fixed    1,405   Variable Expenses Groceries        295 Dining out        205 Household          10 Clothing          35 Presents       75 Entertainment        150 Personal        […]