The Wealthy Barber Returns

I’m notorious for being late. Whether it was scrambling to get on the school bus on time when I was younger (I knew where the next stop was and knew how fast I had to run to get there) to showing up half an hour late to dinner with friends (just last weekend; the sad […]

Average consumer debt in Alberta – $33,564!

I came across this interesting article from the Calgary Herald that found that the average consumer debt in Alberta was $33,564! As this focuses on consumer debt, it DOES NOT include any mortgages in the calculation. Personally, this blew my mind. I immediately started thinking about the people around me, and wondered how badly off […]

Case Study #2 – August update

As bonds prices become cheaper this month, Case Study #2 decided to add to their holdings. 2012 Investment Goals Max out remaining TFSA room – $14,500 (YTD – $10,500) Any remaining money will go into RRSP (YTD – $8,000) As discussed in the previous update, I was recommending that they contribute to their bond component. […]

CBO – iShares 1-5 Year Laddered Corporate Bond Index Fund

CBO seeks to replicate the performance of the DEX 1-5 Year Corporate Bond Index. It was introduced on February 25, 2009, and holds bonds that are issued by corporations. It holds bonds that have maturity levels ranging from 1-5 years, with the focus of staggering/laddering the holdings’ maturity levels. What is in this ETF? When […]

Portfolio Update – July 2012

Vancouver is such a beautiful city; thanks to all of those who took the time to go sightseeing (and eat!) with me. Even the weather cooperated! Only move I made in July was picking up some more bonds for my TFSA. Unless there is a huge drop in Canadian equities (in which I will make […]

July 2012 Spending Plan Results

If you were to ask me a month ago if I was looking forward to the Olympics, I would have shrugged. But I find that I am watching them on a daily basis; there’s just something so amazing watching the incredible athletes compete. It’s impossible not to be moved by their success! Anyways, enough sap. […]