Weekend Links – Halloween Edition

I don’t know where Fall went this year! It’s been dreary and cold and snowy here in Calgary. Good thing Halloween is just around the corner! I think the boy’s goal this year is to not throw up after the Halloween party. Well, maybe not throwing up BEFORE getting to the Halloween party is more […]

The Elements of Investing

Remember when you were assigned books to read in school? When you rated a book based on attributes such as how big it was, how big the writing was, and how many pictures were inside? If you find that you still have a tendency to do this, especially with personal finance/investing books, this one is […]

Capital One Aspire Cash World Mastercard

It is no secret that I love my MBNA Mastercard. Well, I did. The stupid-heads over at TD, who bought out MBNA last November, have made a change. The MBNA Smart Cash Platinum Plus MasterCard carries no annual fee. (Of course!) Unfortunately, the cash rewards that is provided has changed a bit: Get 5% cash […]

Weekend Links

It’s Friday! Check out some of the links I read this past week: 1. Mr. CBB is participating in the Welfare Food Challenge, where he is trying to survive on $26 of groceries for the week. Check out his plan over here and you can follow his progress as well. Good luck! 2. I’m a […]

Cineplex Community Day

Although I do contribute money to charities, I have always been a fan of volunteering with my time. You get to meet new people, learn new skills, and the warm and gooey feeling inside is pretty nice too. I have volunteered at numerous organizations, but my favourite ones would have to be Operation Christmas Child, […]

Case Study #2 – October update

Although Case Study #2 made a $5,000 contribution to their RRSP this month, they have yet to make a purchase yet, so their portfolio remains unchanged this month. We just need to confirm with their brokerage that their RRSP account is set up properly to be able to do Norbert’s Gambit, as they are looking […]

Weekend Links

Nothing like walking through that first snowfall yesterday and getting hit with the brisk wind. Brr! Good thing it is Calgary, and our high today is 14 degrees. These are the posts I have enjoyed over the past week: 1. “The Affordable Beer Conjecture” was an interesting post over at Freedom 35. We went to […]


In all honesty, I’m not sure if XRB would stack up better against XSB or XBB. Since XBB won against its smack down against XSB, I will compare it to that. * As a side note, this is just a comparison between the two ETFs. The actual bonds themselves are quite different and react differently […]