Case Study #3 – July update

With 12% cash remaining after my purchases at the end of June, I was watching the markets all month to add to their position, but it kept going up!! I also knew that they were planning on making some more contributions before the year is out, so I just finally purchased what they were short with today – which is what I originally agreed to do with them. I should keep my “timing the market” to my accounts only, hey? :) The purchases will be reflected in the August update, so I will continue with their (quiet) July update.

2013 Investment Goals

  1. Max out TFSA contribution – $5,500. Completed!
  2. Any remaining money will go into RRSP – $19,750 to date

Target Asset Allocation

Canadian equities: 30% (XIC)

US equities: 25% (VTI)

International equities: 25% (VEU)

Canadian bonds: 15% (XBB)

Canadian REITS: 5% (XRE)

Current Portfolio (as of July 31, 2013)

Accont Holding Shares Market Value
TFSA XIC 1,099


XRE 305






VTI 255


VXUS 180


XBB 277




IA T 36





As it currently stands, their asset allocation is as follows:

Canadian equities: 26%

US equities: 25%

International equities: 23%

Canadian bonds: 10%

Canadian REITS: 5%

Cash: 11%


I will continue tracking their dividends throughout the year as well.

January: $125.52

February: $22.89

March: $54.94

April: $313.70

May: $0

June: $486.71

July: $42.49


Since the last update, they were able to DRIP 1 additional shares of XRE.

I added to their Canadian equities as well as their Canadian bonds, even knowing that interest rates are going up. I basically had to remind myself that even though it is increasing, the government will keep a close eye on it as not to stagnant the economy too much, so the next couple years will be interesting for the bond environment.

What do you think readers?

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