Free Credit Report from TransUnion

One of the items on my list of Financial Things to Do was to request my free credit reports from both Equifax and TransUnion. To request your credit report form Equifax, check out my post which includes the phone number and the information that the automated system requires from you. You can also send the […]

2013 Financial To-Do List

This is the time where a lot of people set up their financial goals for the year.  Although I don’t go through the exercise of setting financial goals (AHHH pressure and commitment!), I do think about the things I need/want to accomplish for myself and my clients. So, instead of setting goals, I prefer to […]

Capital One Aspire Cash World Mastercard

It is no secret that I love my MBNA Mastercard. Well, I did. The stupid-heads over at TD, who bought out MBNA last November, have made a change. The MBNA Smart Cash Platinum Plus MasterCard carries no annual fee. (Of course!) Unfortunately, the cash rewards that is provided has changed a bit: Get 5% cash […]

Credit Score Sucks A**; Now What?

After you read my previous post about credit reports, I’m sure ALL of you rushed out to order your free copy of your credit history! (I can hope, can’t I?) So what if your credit score is less than ideal? Here are some quick tips for using credit responsibly: All your bills should be paid […]

Credit Report – Great Additional Information!

I have a friend who is in the business of facilitating credit to clients (credit advisor) and he has these words of wisdom to share. To Start here is a link to help a little with the topic of credit. Here is a link with the 2 Major Canadian Reporting Agencies. (I only […]

Time for Annual Credit Report!

A friend once described your credit history as your financial fingerprint. I thought it was the perfect analogy. Your credit rating is a measure of how dependable you are on repaying your debts, whether they are credit cards or car loans or mortgages. A good rating determines how easily you can obtain more credit as […]