Level 1: Cash Flow

May Spending Plan Results

Remember last month when external influences were telling us to eat out more? Boy, we sure did! I was a bit nervous doing up the numbers as I knew it was pretty bad. Check it out below. The following is my combined expected and actual household expenses for the month of May. Fixed Expenses Expected […]

April Spending Plan Results

April ended up being a decent month for us, although boy’s favourite thing to say these days is “we can afford it now.” For some reason, he seems to think that because I am back at a full-time job, my spending habits would automatically change overnight. Silly boy. AND there are some exterior influences that […]

December 2012 Spending Plan Results

I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays!! I was a bit nervous about the budget as I haven’t kept track of the numbers for the last few weeks in December, and although there are some items we definitely overspent on, overall, the damage wasn’t too bad. Phew! The following is my combined expected and actual household […]

My Best Financial Tip – Get Organized!

Excuses. I hear them all the time. “I would totally start investing in my company plan, but the forms are somewhere in my house.” “I was charged overdraft fees because I didn’t realize that my other bills came in at the same time.” “I would definitely figure out how much debt I had if I […]

Capital One Aspire Cash World Mastercard

It is no secret that I love my MBNA Mastercard. Well, I did. The stupid-heads over at TD, who bought out MBNA last November, have made a change. The MBNA Smart Cash Platinum Plus MasterCard carries no annual fee. (Of course!) Unfortunately, the cash rewards that is provided has changed a bit: Get 5% cash […]

Organic Food – Worth the Money?

One of the reasons why I do the spending updates each month is to see where I can cut expenses and get it down to the elusive $2K a month that I would love to hit. Although we do have a decent bottom line each month, I am always on the look out to reduce […]

Level 1: Cash Flow

“But I’ll be too old to enjoy anything by the time I retire!” “But it’s on sale and it’s SUCH A GOOD DEAL!” “How much SHOULD I be saving?” Want to know the secret to becoming wealthy? You ready for it? Are you sure? Spend less than you make. Oooh. Ahhh. Let that sink in […]