Level 3: Savings

June Spending Plan Results

As we are slowly getting back to routine and some sense of normalcy, I do feel blessed that family and friends are safe and sound and finally home, minus some possessions and a vehicle. It is during these times that the best and worst of human tendencies come out, and I am proud to see […]

2013 Financial To-Do List

This is the time where a lot of people set up their financial goals for the year.  Although I don’t go through the exercise of setting financial goals (AHHH pressure and commitment!), I do think about the things I need/want to accomplish for myself and my clients. So, instead of setting goals, I prefer to […]

Pay down debt vs. Invest in Savings Account

Warning! There are going to be calculations and numbers in this post! If you have $20,000 sitting in your savings account and $20,000 in credit card debt, how much money do you have? You have nothing. Zilch. Nada. Please stop deluding yourself into believing otherwise! If you have $20,000, would it be better to pay […]

Emergency Fund

One of the initial financial goals I would recommend to people is to set up an emergency fund. This may seem counter-intuitive, especially if they are carrying hefty credit card debt at outrageous interest rates. Wouldn’t the money be better spent paying down the debt? I think a balance between the two is ideal. Life […]

Compound Interest: 8th Wonder of the World!

There are lots of excuses to justify why one may not have enough money for savings or an investment plan to prepare them for their retirement. I’ve often told myself that I would rather go try out that nice restaurant, or I need to be on a beach somewhere, or I just need another purse. […]

50% return, 100% Risk-Free Investment!

Ever wonder what you would tell your 18-year old self if you had the chance? I would tell my younger self to always pay myself first. Well, that and stock tips like buy Apple and winning lottery ticket numbers, but that’s just wishful thinking! Even though I have sufficient savings to enjoy the lifestyle I […]