Mutual Funds

BMO Dividend Fund

So I am continuing this series (2 posts count as a series, right?) with another mutual fund provided by one of our big banks. As a recap, I thought it would be interesting to highlight some mutual funds that my clients have been invested in over the years, and see how it compares to what […]

Scotia Canadian Balanced Fund

You may be following along and reading about index mutual funds and portfolios made up of ETFs that all have lower MERs. You understand that lower MERs mean lower fees which mean a better chance for better returns. You may even have committed to taking a look at your current investments, and when I mean […]

POT: Portfolio Optimized for Taxes

Hey, I had to peak your interest somehow. Taxes, taxes, taxes! Everyone’s favourite time of year! In previous posts, I commented on how I wanted to hold certain types of investments in specific accounts. The reasoning behind this is how the investments are taxed, and I want to hold it in the most tax efficient […]

Mutual Fun…ds – Part III

Throughout the series, I hope you picked up a thing or two about what mutual funds are and their advantages and disadvantages. What if I told you that there was a type of mutual fund that combined both the advantages and minimized the inherent disadvantages as well? Would you think I was pulling your leg? […]

Mutual Fun…ds – Part II

In Part I, we went through mutual fund basics; what they are, the different types, and what to keep in mind when certain mutual funds are being recommended to you by your friendly neighbourhood financial adviser or investment professional. So why buy mutual funds in the first place? -          Diversification is the main advantage. If […]

Mutual Fun…ds – Part I

Tis the season! RRSP season that is! If you haven’t heard from your financial planner or investment representative yet, expect a call from them pretty soon. I can only imagine what percentage of their annual business is completed during the first few months as people are rushing to make their RRSP contribution before the deadline […]

The REAL Cost of Mutual Funds

If I were to ask you what you are invested in, many would say they have mutual funds from their banks or investment companies. If I ask you how much it costs you every year to have these mutual funds, most would say “nothing.” Step back and think about this. Are all these companies and […]