Recommended Readings

Money Rules

I have always been a huge fan of Gail Vaz-Oxlade, and enjoy her no-nonsense approach to money management on her show, Till Debt Do Us Part. Her latest book, Money Rules, just came out (yeah, a book review that is not over a year old!) and she is currently on her book tour. The book […]

The Elements of Investing

Remember when you were assigned books to read in school? When you rated a book based on attributes such as how big it was, how big the writing was, and how many pictures were inside? If you find that you still have a tendency to do this, especially with personal finance/investing books, this one is […]

The New Coffeehouse Investor

Continuing on with the late book reviews, I am about 3 years late with the review of this book. This book is not as cheeky as The Wealthy Barber, and is written by someone who used to be a trader and is currently a financial advisor. So, it is a bit more technical, in a […]

The Wealthy Barber Returns

I’m notorious for being late. Whether it was scrambling to get on the school bus on time when I was younger (I knew where the next stop was and knew how fast I had to run to get there) to showing up half an hour late to dinner with friends (just last weekend; the sad […]

Books, Books, Books!

With lots of time on my hands, I find that I spend a lot of time reading. It feels like a luxury that I haven’t had since I spent my ‘youth’ studying for exams, so I must indulge now! Although it would be great to hit 100 books this year, I’ll just continue reading as […]