Spending Plan updates

August Spending Plan Results

Where did the summer go?? We just finished off ultimate last night and even though we won our first game, we lost our second game to place 6th in Div A which isn’t too bad. Corporate challenge is gearing up the next few weekends, and my company ultimate team is defending champs so lots of […]

July Spending Plan Results

How is it possibly August already??? July was a blur with the Stampede and… work? Ultimate started up again, and although we won our Spring division, we were seeded higher this season and got mercied (when you lose to a team by 8 points) by the 2nd half, which hasn’t happened in a couple of […]

June Spending Plan Results

As we are slowly getting back to routine and some sense of normalcy, I do feel blessed that family and friends are safe and sound and finally home, minus some possessions and a vehicle. It is during these times that the best and worst of human tendencies come out, and I am proud to see […]

May Spending Plan Results

Remember last month when external influences were telling us to eat out more? Boy, we sure did! I was a bit nervous doing up the numbers as I knew it was pretty bad. Check it out below. The following is my combined expected and actual household expenses for the month of May. Fixed Expenses Expected […]

April Spending Plan Results

April ended up being a decent month for us, although boy’s favourite thing to say these days is “we can afford it now.” For some reason, he seems to think that because I am back at a full-time job, my spending habits would automatically change overnight. Silly boy. AND there are some exterior influences that […]

March Spending Plan Results

              Boy, it has been awhile since I have done an update! As much as I love traveling, I am actually pretty happy to be home at the moment; 5 out of the past 6 weeks away from home is a bit much for me, but it was a […]

January Spending Plan Results

Anyone else watch the Superbowl? It was quite the half-time show, wasn’t it? Too bad the 49ers weren’t able to pull it off at the end! The following is my combined expected and actual household expenses for the month of January. Fixed Expenses Expected Actual Cable/TV          27            27 Phone          60            56 […]

December 2012 Spending Plan Results

I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays!! I was a bit nervous about the budget as I haven’t kept track of the numbers for the last few weeks in December, and although there are some items we definitely overspent on, overall, the damage wasn’t too bad. Phew! The following is my combined expected and actual household […]