July Spending Plan Results

How is it possibly August already??? July was a blur with the Stampede and… work? :) Ultimate started up again, and although we won our Spring division, we were seeded higher this season and got mercied (when you lose to a team by 8 points) by the 2nd half, which hasn’t happened in a couple of years I think. It will be an interesting season!

The following is my combined expected and actual household expenses for the month of July.

Fixed Expenses Expected    Actual
Cable/TV          40            40
Phone          56            56
Rent     1,150      1,150
Bus pass          94            94
Gas        200          124
Car Maintenance            -          879
Utilities            -             -
Total Fixed    1,540      2,343
Variable Expenses
Groceries        200          239
Dining out        160          226
Household          20            52
Clothing          90            15


Entertainment          40            50
Personal          35            27
Working out/health          70            70
Work Expense            -          268
Unaccounted           -             -
Total Variable        905


Total Expenses     2,445





-          Groceries are definitely trending higher. I look at flyers every Friday, but am finding less and less deals on the items we usually eat. I wonder if it is a summer thing? Anyways, we will have to increase this number going forward.

-          Dining out improved slightly this month from last month, but it is definitely still way above target!

-          We’ve received notice that we have until the end of September for our condo. :( We started looking around for alternatives and our monthly rent will be increasing quite a bit unfortunately; we knew we were getting a smoking deal here. Hopefully we will be able to find something good!

-          The boy got new tires for his car; the last set were not rotated properly so 2 were pretty good and 2 were bare so he decided to replace the full set. We will be monitoring them more carefully this time round and rotating them as per the manual and not relying on the body shops to do it properly!

This is the expected August spending plan. As always, these numbers are fluid, and I fully expect them to change as the year goes on.

Fixed Expenses
Cable/TV          40
Phone          56
Rent     1,150
Bus pass          94
Gas        200
Utilities            -
Total Fixed     1,540
Variable Expenses
Groceries        250
Dining out        190
Household          20
Clothing          90


Entertainment          40
Personal          35
Working out/health          70
Work Expense            -
Total Variable        985
Total Expenses     2,525


So I’m sitting here doing this recap at 8 in the morning on a Saturday of the long weekend; man, I need to plan some things to do before August flies away from me too! :)

Thanks for reading!