Weekend Links – “Sell in May and GO AWAY!”

It is a common idea among the investing world where people will dump their stocks in May and then go away, resulting in prices in the stock market lowering in May. It’s almost the middle of the month and the market is still chugging along pretty nicely. Unfortunately. I am finally caught up and organized […]

April Spending Plan Results

April ended up being a decent month for us, although boy’s favourite thing to say these days is “we can afford it now.” For some reason, he seems to think that because I am back at a full-time job, my spending habits would automatically change overnight. Silly boy. AND there are some exterior influences that […]

Weekend Links – It’s May Already??

Our first ultimate game was interesting; nothing like running in blowing snow to get your lungs pumping. Even with the weather, it was nice to get back into it. It’s been 3 weeks at the job and so far so good! I’m excited to go to work, they got me my own calculator so I […]

Portfolio Update – March 2013

So after completing my taxes, I found myself with a bit of new RRSP contribution room. Thing is, it might make sense for me to wait until next year to contribute, as I will be earning a full year’s income instead of only 8 month as I will be this year. Decisions, decisions. I haven’t […]

Weekend Links – Is Spring Almost Here??

It was a balmy 16 degrees in Calgary today, and I’m hoping that the weather stays around as we are starting up with ultimate frisbee again next week! I’m sure I just jinxed it and we will be playing in snow on Tuesday. Do you know how small this world is? A girl I work […]

Weekend Links – April 20th Edition

I survived the first week! Albeit, it was a short week, so I spent yesterday at the dentist and doing taxes for the family. Thank goodness for designated days off! Even though I have behind on my writing, I definitely have continued on with my reading, and there have been some interesting stuff this week: […]


The last few months have been pretty crazy for me; that’s the main reason why it has been so quiet around here. So I wanted to do a quick update to catch everyone up to speed! So most of you know that I went to Vietnam for a month in February/March. Even though my parents […]

March Spending Plan Results

              Boy, it has been awhile since I have done an update! As much as I love traveling, I am actually pretty happy to be home at the moment; 5 out of the past 6 weeks away from home is a bit much for me, but it was a […]