Weekend Links – End of the World??

I decided to post this tonight in case the world ends tomorrow. Check out the posts I enjoyed this week: 1. Mr. CBB had “A Beginner’s Guide to Early Retirement” over at the Canadian Budget Binder. I have been chatting to a couple friends about early retirement recently, and wondered what the ideal number you […]

Case Study #2 – December update

With the last month of the year upon us, they were able to scramble together enough cash to hit their 2012 Investment Goals by putting $4K in their TFSA and an additional $2.5K in their RRSP! 2012 Investment Goals Max out remaining TFSA room – $14,500 (YTD – $14,500) Any remaining money will go into […]

Portfolio Update – November 2012

The market took a bit of a hit after the elections but the lower prices didn’t stay low very long. No moves this month again but debating whether or not to dump XIN, XSP and CRS. I would use the money towards more ETFs. Also looked into VXUS vs. VEU, and might start adding VXUS […]

Weekend Links – Check out the Zoo!

With the new penguins coming to the Calgary Zoo this year, they were able to set some attendance records. As a result, they are having a customer appreciation day this Saturday, where admission for EVERYONE from 9am – 2pm is $1.43! That’s crazy! Check it out if you get a chance; there’s a super fat […]

November 2012 Spending Plan Results

The following is my combined expected and actual household expenses for the month of November. Fixed Expenses Expected Actual Cable/TV          30            27 Phone          60          106 Rent     1,150      1,150 Gas        150          344 Utilities            –             – Total Fixed    1,390      1,627   Variable Expenses Groceries        […]

Weekend Links – December already??

I can’t believe Christmas is almost around the corner! Ahhh! Translation: I haven’t really started Christmas shopping yet. Check out some great posts I read this past week. 1. Did you know that you can get Dollar Store Home Pregnancy Tests? Mr. CBB found this out after eavesdropping (come on MR. CBB, admit it! ) […]

TD e-Series Portfolio

For those who are ready to go the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) investing route, but are still hesitant on how to start (or have been meaning to start all year and haven’t yet ), I recommend starting up with the TD e-Series route. If you are still deciding whether or not to move over from your current […]

Weekend Links – Thank You!

I can’t believe it has been a year since I started this blog. Time sure flies! It has been a great place to share ideas, learn new things, and, of course, meet lots of great new people! I am grateful for all the support and encouragement I have received this past year. Thank You! Oh, […]