Portfolio Update – July 2013

Man, has it been that long since I’ve done a portfolio update? Since I’m not too active on my own portfolio, once a quarter may make sense. We will see!

July ended up being quite a good month for most markets, so the increase in the portfolio is always nice to see. I always have to remind myself that I want the holdings to go on “SALE” as I am still looking to add to my positions.

So this is what my investment portfolio currently looks like:

TFSA – Stocks (CRS, SLF), ETFs (VTI, XSB, XBB)


Non-registered investment account – ETFs (XIC, VTI)

My target allocation is:

Canadian equities: 30%

US equities: 25%

International equities: 25%

Canadian bonds: 20%

My current allocation is:

Canadian equities: 25%

US equities: 26%

International equities: 17%

Canadian bonds: 16%

Cash: 16%

My investment income is automatically set to reinvest in more shares, except for the Vanguard ones because RBC does not offer DRIP for them. So for the past quarter, I’ve received 4 shares of XBB, 1 share of SLF, 1 share of XIN, 2 shares of XSP and 12 more shares of XIC.

My international holding definitely needs some loving, but I am trying to keep that in my RRSP due to the withholding taxes. The easy purchases for me would be adding XIC in my non-registered account and some bonds in my TFSA, although I’m definitely a bit hesitant adding to my bond holdings at the moment due to interest rates and how the market has been reacting to that.

How did your July end off? Any purchases in the near future?

Thanks for reading!