Portfolio Update – November 2012

The market took a bit of a hit after the elections but the lower prices didn’t stay low very long. No moves this month again but debating whether or not to dump XIN, XSP and CRS. I would use the money towards more ETFs. Also looked into VXUS vs. VEU, and might start adding VXUS to the portfolio. I would keep my current VEU for now.

So this is what my investment portfolio currently looks like:

TFSA – Stocks (CRS, SLF), ETFs (VTI, XSB, XBB)


Non-registered investment account – ETFs (XIC, SLF)

My target allocation is:

Canadian equities: 30%

US equities: 25%

International equities: 25%

Canadian bonds: 20%

My current allocation is:

Canadian equities: 31%

US equities: 24%

International equities: 22%

Canadian bonds: 22%

Cash: 1%


- My investment income is automatically set to reinvest in more shares, except for the Vanguard ones because RBC does not offer DRIP for them (1 more share of XBB for me this month). If the money is not sufficient to buy additional shares, then it will increase my cash balance.

How did your November end up? Did you make any moves in your own portfolio?

Thanks for reading!