Weekend Links – Beginning of November

I am fully expecting to start hearing my first Christmas carols either in the stores this weekend or on the radio. :) Don’t forget to change your time this Sunday!!

Check out the posts I read this week:

1. Mr. CBB has his weekly Grocery Game Challenge, and it is always interesting to see what kind of deals we can find. I’m nosy, I know. I love how often he does price matches; I really have to start doing that as well! I was also the lucky winner for October, so I am anxiously waiting for my prize to arrive. To clarify, it is a random draw, and I did not win because of how awesome my shops were. :)

2. Jeremy over at Modest Money wrote about “Accepting the Value of An Emergency Fund.” I’m definitely a fan of having some cash lying around in case s*** happens, but not everyone agrees as some prefers to just have access to money in case they need it. In any event, he’s co-hosting a $100 giveaway, so go check it out and enter!!

3. Liquid wrote about how “Halloween is Serious Business.” An $8 billion industry! That’s crazy. We did end up dressing up this year, but we definitely did not spend the time and effort that some of our friends did on their costumes. Very impressive indeed!

4. Mark had an article about Wills over at My Own Advisor. I know, I know, its a tough thing to think about, but it really is done for all the people around you. Oh, and according to the Mayans… :P

5. Savvy Scot continued his series on how to Change Your Life – Step 5 Learn New Skills. I’m glad I’m not the only one who wants to learn how to pick locks. I’m sure there are others who want to learn how to hot wire a car, or shoot a gun as well, right?…. He is also part of the $100 giveaway, so you can enter it here.

Yes, I know Halloween is over, but this is pretty impressive.










Have a good weekend!