Weekend Links – Check out the Zoo!

With the new penguins coming to the Calgary Zoo this year, they were able to set some attendance records. As a result, they are having a customer appreciation day this Saturday, where admission for EVERYONE from 9am – 2pm is $1.43! That’s crazy! Check it out if you get a chance; there’s a super fat penguin who likes to splash people as well! :)

1. Mr. CBB posted his November Net Worth update. I was curious as to why his previous updates had so much money in emergency funds, so he answered that question in this one. Check it out; pretty impressive!

2. Apparently “Gay People Are Smart With Their Money.” It was an interesting result from one study according to Liquid. And he included some cute pug pictures; my favourite is the loaf of bread. :)

3. Jeremy had some tips about saving money at the grocery story. I’m pretty good with avoiding food waste, but I definitely still need to work on my meal planning. He also makes a good point about hitting up some specialty stores as you may find some great deals! Also, don’t forget to enter his $100 giveaway!

4. My Own Advisor had a post about “Great Canadian Dividend Paying Stocks – December Edition.” If you’re interested in owning a portfolio of dividend stocks, this is a good place to start. Don’t forget to do your own research as well. Or, just invest in ETFs; its easier. :P

5. Teacher Man had an interesting article about “Who You Know Trumps What You Know in Today’s Economy.” I definitely see this pattern as I talk to my old co-workers, and it seems like a lot of them are getting new positions based on who they know. Anyone find this to be the case?

Have a good weekend!