Weekend Links – End of the World??

I decided to post this tonight in case the world ends tomorrow. :P

Check out the posts I enjoyed this week:

1. Mr. CBB had “A Beginner’s Guide to Early Retirement” over at the Canadian Budget Binder. I have been chatting to a couple friends about early retirement recently, and wondered what the ideal number you would need to accrue before you can do that. Can you live on 25% of your salary and invest 75%?

2. Liquid had a post about “Excuse to save money, the World is Ending.” I held out until today, when I finally started making some purchases online. :)

3. Modest Money had a post about “7 Ways to Lose Money with Last Minute Gift Shopping.” If the world is still around next year, I won’t procrastinate as much. Hopefully.

4. My Own Advisor had their “December Update – 2012 personal finance and investing goals.” Check out to see how they did this year in regards to their goals. How did you do with your own goals?

5. James over at Free in Ten Years had a post about “Men: Save money by cutting your own hair.” I have been cutting boy’s hair about a year now, and it works out just fine. Would you consider cutting your own hair?

I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season filled with joy, fun and laughter! :)