Weekend Links – Financial Literacy Month!

Since November is Financial Literacy Month, there have been tons of great articles this week.

Check out the ones I enjoyed this week:

1. Ninja over at Dividend Ninja tells us “Why You Should Start Investing Now!” It shows why you only need $25 per week to start investing in TD e-series funds, and how simple it is to develop a great portfolio for your investments!

2. Mr. CBB’s best financial tip is the dreaded B-word. :) I know the majority of people shun the word (kind of like Diet :P ) as it has bad connotations, but tracking your spending is an eye-opening experience. Without it, it is impossible to tell what you’re spending on, if your spending reflects your priorities, and if you are getting the biggest bang for your buck!

3. Jeremy had a post about “Being Thankful, Not Just for Thanksgiving.” It is all about perspective, and no matter how crappy your life feels at the moment, the fact that you are able to read this means that you are pretty darn fortunate.

4. Liquid had an interesting article on “How Branding Works in Movies.” It is crazy the amount of money that companies will spend to be featured in key movies! I would never have thought you could market nail polish in a movie, but it has been done. Oh, and I haven’t seen Bond yet, so don’t give me any spoilers! I’ll probably check it out next week, as both the boy and I have crushes on Daniel Craig. :P

5. My Own Advisor’s best financial tip is to pay yourself FIRST! Automatic contributions are the way to go!

My favourite video of the week came from College Humour, who had a great sketch about how Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends. They have a solid case people. Solid. :P

Have a great weekend!