Weekend Links – Thank You!

I can’t believe it has been a year since I started this blog. Time sure flies! It has been a great place to share ideas, learn new things, and, of course, meet lots of great new people! I am grateful for all the support and encouragement I have received this past year. Thank You!

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to all those in the US as well!

Check out the posts I enjoyed this week!

1. Mr. CBB posted his Net Worth Update for October. I always like looking at how other people are doing with their net worth and how it is allocated through the different categories. He had a good month, and definitely has some cushy emergency savings!

2. Liquid is investing, wait, speculating, on the Twinkies fiasco! :) It is nuts what some people are willing to pay for a box of these treats. I know the boy hasn’t had a Twinkie before, so maybe we will see if we can find a box at our grocery store this weekend. Don’t worry Canadians, our Twinkies supply is safe.

3. Jeremy over at Modest Money asked “Is Banking Transparency Possible?” I hated all the fees the banks would ding you with: fees for taking out your money, fees for putting in money too often. Fees for using cheques. Then, if you don’t use it, they’ll ding you with an inactivity fee! Seriously, if PC Financial didn’t come around, my money would be stashed under my mattress.

4. Andres Hallam had a great article about how the stock market game being utilized in schools doesn’t help a student learn the fundamentals of building a proper portfolio, but rather, it encourages gambling on stocks. This was the only way I was taught about investing in high school, and I definitely agree!

Grey Cup this weekend; Go Stamps!!

Have a good weekend!